Monday, June 25, 2012

Passion - Where I'm From - (Promo CD Single) - 1996

Artist - Passion
Album - Where I'm From - (Promo CD Single)
Release Type: Promo
Genre - Hop-Hop, Rap, R&B
Year - 1996
Tracks - 05
Format - CD
Label - MCA Records
Catalog # - MCAD-11338

Track Listing: 
01 - Passion - Where I'm From - (Radio Version) - (3:29)
02 - Passion - Where I'm From - (Don't Fight The Clean/Dirty Mix w-Rappin' 4-Tay & Too Short) - (4:17)
03 - Passion - Where I'm From - (Don't Fight The Clean Mix) - (3:38)
04 - Passion - Where I'm From - (Lp Dirty Instrumental) - (3:30)
05 - Passion - Where I'm From - (Lp Clean Instrumental) - (3:29)

Release Notes
Where do I start on this CD Single. It's all messed up & almost a total misprint. Let's break it down by track. First of all, Track 1 is correct, Track 2 is the clean version of the song but when Too Short does his rap, he clearly says "Bitch" on his verse so it's pretty much the clean/dirty version, second, Track 3 is NOT the extended version, it's just a different version of the Remix but with just Passion, no other rappers and the time is wrong, it's (3:38), not the (5:08) it claims to be on the back cover. Track 4 is the Lp Instrumental and it is Dirty. Finally Track 5 is a straight Gip (I think that's how you spell it), it says it's the Don't Fight The Instrumental, but it is NOT, it is just the clean version of the LP Instrumental, VERY Upsetting. My track listing is the correct, updated version.

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