Wednesday, April 30, 2014

T-Pain - Can't Believe It - (Promo CD Single) - 2008

Artist - T-Pain
Title -  Can't Believe It
Release Type: Promo
Genre - R&B, Rap
Year - 2008
Tracks - 04
Time - 18:23
Format - CD Single
Label - Jive / Zomba
Catalog # - 88697-35868-2

Track Listing:
01 - T-Pain - Can't Believe It - (Clean w-Lil Wayne) - (4:36)
02 - T-Pain - Can't Believe It - (Main w-Lil Wayne) - (4:35)
03 - T-Pain - Can't Believe It - (Instrumental) - (4:37)
04 - T-Pain - Can't Believe It - (Acappella w-Lil Wayne) - (4:34)

Release Notes

An awesome Promo here from T-Pain. The only thing that bothered me about this song was actually Lil Wayne's verse. This song was done pretty much while everyone was jumping on the Auto-Tune bandwagon and the addition of it to Lil Wayne's Verse was horrible. I couldn't even understand what he was saying half the time in his verse. T-Pain found the right balance for his talent and made Auto-Tune part of who he was as an artist, not just putting it on for effect. If Lil Wayne would've just done his thing like he normally does, I would have liked this song much better.


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  1. i couldn't disagree at all.... if wayne would have spit his verse like some of his other (older) RnB collabos that would have made the track more quality looking back on it...good thoughts