Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DJ Magic Mike - House Of Magic - (CD Single) - 1991

Artist - DJ Magic Mike
Title -  House Of Magic
Release Type: US Retail
Genre - House, Jack, Bass
Year - 1991
Tracks - 03
Time - 17:13
Format - CD Single
Label - Cheetah Records
Catalog # - TCRC-9511

Track Listing:
01 - DJ Magic Mike - House Of Magic - (Magic Mike Mix) - (5:00)
02 - DJ Magic Mike - House Of Magic - (Radioactive Goldfish Mix) - (5:29)
03 - DJ Magic Mike - House Of Magic - (O.T.T. Mix) - (6:43)

Release Notes

This guy was ONE of my inspirations to want to scratch back in the day. I never heard anyone cut as fast as him back then. I definitely stole some of his patterns for my DJ Battles way back in the day. This CD Single was cool. The first 2 mixes were mainly house based but I like the O.T.T. Mix the best cause it stayed true to the classic DJ Magic Mike style. This CD also boasts a Special Limited Gold Edition which just means that the CD itself was gold. I really don't think it boosted the sound quality or longevity of the disc, I think it was for pure marketing purposes. lol


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