Friday, December 4, 2015

Tinashe - Player - (Feat. Chris Brown) - (Promo Digital Single) - 2015 - (WAV) - (UPDATED)

Release Name: Tinashe-Player-(Feat.Chris Brown)-(Promo Digital Single)-WAV-2015-NBRips

Artist - Tinashe
Title -  Player
Release Type: Promo
Genre - R&B, Pop, Dance
Year - 2015
Tracks - 04
Time - 13:24
Size - 135 MB
Format - WAV
Source - Digital Email Single
Label - RCA / Sony Music
Catalog # - N/A
Release Date: Sept. 29, 2015 / Nov. 19, 2015

Track Listing:

01 - Tinashe - Player - (Clean w-Chris Brown) - (3:21)
02 - Tinashe - Player - (Main w-Chris Brown) - (3:21)
03 - Tinashe - Player - (Instrumental) - (3:21)
04 - Tinashe - Player - (Alt Edit Clean w-Chris Brown) - (3:21)

Release Notes


UPDATE - RCA/Sony just released an official Alt Edit of Player. It's the same time wise but they brought up Chris Brown's vocals significantly on the chorus (replaced Tinashe on some parts) and changed the feel of the song by leaving the beats slow on the chorus instead of the build up to a dance beat on the original.

Here is Tinashe's song "Player", but this one is featuring Chris Brown. As I said in the last release, This is the Official label release with the Instrumental in WAV format. BUT, most would think that this Instrumental is the same as the last release, but it's NOT. The Instrumental is the Official Instrumental for the Chris Brown version specifically. This is the reason for 2 separate releases. Please note the times are different AND there are elements in this Instrumental that are new and NOT in the original Instrumental. Again, don't be fooled by anyone else claiming this release. All the "so called" digital record pools do NOT (at the time of me posting this) have the Instrumentals posted or any blog for that matter. You saw it HERE FIRST! Period!

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