Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lil' Kim - The Jump Off - (Remix) - (Promo CD Single) - 2003

Artist - Lil' Kim
Title - The Jump Off - (Remix)
Release Type: Promo
Genre - Hip-Hop, Rap
Year - 2003
Tracks - 03
Time - 13:21
Format - CD Single
Label - Atlantic Records
Catalog # - PRCD 301163

Track Listing:
01 - Lil' Kim - The Jump Off - (Remix Clean w-Mr. Cheeks & Mobb Deep) - (4:28)
02 - Lil' Kim - The Jump Off - (Remix Dirty w-Mr. Cheeks & Mobb Deep) - (4:28)
03 - Lil' Kim - The Jump Off - (Remix Instrumental) - (4:25)

Release Notes

And this was the answer to my question about Mr. Cheeks doing a verse and then adding Mobb Deep to the mix was excellent. Ok so track number 3 on this CD Single is a total misprint. Even though is says that track 3 is the acappella, it is NOT on this CD, it's just the Instrumental. I figured so because most singles wouldn't be released with just the main versions and then the acappella alone. It would usually have the Instrumental too, along with everything else. Although it did remind of this Mobb Deep CD Single I posted a long time ago which did have the main versions with the Acappela, but no instrumental and you can see it HERE!


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