Tuesday, April 15, 2014

R. City - Losin' It - (Promo CD Single) - 2008

Artist - R. City
Title - Losin' It
Release Type: Promo
Genre - R&B
Year - 2008
Tracks - 02
Time - 07:53
Format - CD Single
Label - Geffen Records
Catalog # - GEFR12394-2

Track Listing:
01 - R. City - Losin' It - (Main) - (3:57)
02 - R. City - Losin' It - (Instrumental) - (3:56)

Release Notes

There was no front picture that came with this promo, only the CD was issued, but I thought since I had the picture, why not include it int his release just in case people did not know who R. City was. They were under Akon's management and they did a couple other songs but I'm not sure what happened to them because they are nowhere to be found now and they are not on Konvict Muzik's roster anymore. Too bad cause I really liked this song and I thought they would have gone farther than they did with their talents.


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